There are different ways that you can get a free psychic reading, and there are also different types of readings. That is the first thing you need to know when you prepare yourself to take advantage of an offer for a free psychic reading. What are some other things you need to know?

Without a psychic knowing you really well, it’s going to take time to get to deeper issues. But you can think ahead of time about what you want to ask and know how to probe them for information. You want to get the most you can out of your psychic reading, right?

Asking the right Questions

What would you like to ask the psychic about when you start your free psychic reading? People also think they are asking probing questions, but they don’t really get specific enough. For example, say your boyfriend broke up with you. You ask the psychic if your boyfriend is going to come back. Do you know how many times they’ve been asked that question? Of course your situation according to a psychic should be individual to you, but that’s not all.

The question isn’t specific enough, and you could instead ask the psychic why your boyfriend left or something else more specific. Do you get the idea? That’s why it’s actually best to plan for the psychic reading, even write questions down that you want to ask.

Do you really think that your future is set in stone, without anything you can do about it? Where does free will fall into that idea? In other words, instead of asking the psychic what your future holds, why not again ask them more specific questions dealing with how you can choose a better future for yourself.

You may think that this line of thinking doesn’t fall in with the way psychics approach a reading, but you’re going to find out that many of them take this approach. There are plenty of psychics out there that aren’t thinking about looking into a crystal ball and telling you how your life is going to turn out completely. It doesn’t always work that way, right?

Where does your responsibility lie when it comes to different situations that happen in your life? The more you start thinking about probing questions and specifics, the more a psychic is going to be able to help you.

You’re also going to want to make sure you’re getting a free psychic reading from a reputable psychic. There are plenty of psychics out there that offer these kinds of deals, so be picky! And if you don’t get a good reading from someone, then take advantage of a free reading from someone else.

Finding the right Clairvoyant

Once you find a good psychic, you have someone to go back to if you plan to get another reading, one that you pay for. Back to responsibility for a moment, one thing you want to watch out for is when a psychic only places responsibility for your life’s events on other people. This is a tactic that makes you feel good about yourself but it isn’t how things work. You have responsibility regarding the situations and events in your life, too.

You also want to take notice whether or not you are told what action to take or are left with the decision to make for yourself. You see, you’ll get all kinds of information from your psychic reading, but the decisions to act should be yours to make. If you have a psychic pointing out the decisions you should make, then that is a red flag.

You might catch wind of this during the reading, but you need to be especially look out for their final comments when the reading is over. If a psychic starts telling you exactly what to do and everything, then they are reaching and being too specific about your own personal decisions in an effort to get you to come back to them. You need a different psychic if that’s the case.

  • There are psychic scams out there, so a free reading wouldn’t be anything special if you run into one of these scams. In fact, that kind of information can be troubling and point you in the wrong direction. You don’t want to mess with these psychics for sure.
  • The approach you take to a psychic reading is very important as you can imagine. You’ve been instructed to prepare for the reading, and you know that you need to think about more probing questions. Now that doesn’t mean you give everything away when you start talking to your psychic.
  • Make them do most of the talking, and prepare for the reading too by having a pen and paper ready to write things down. Don’t use a computer or anything to type instead of write because what happens if somehow everything gets erased? Don’t trust technology and instead listen and take notes during the reading.
  • Don’t be so distracted by taking notes, however, that you don’t listen thoroughly. It’s very important to get everything you can out of the free reading so you can make the determination about whether or not you’ll use that psychic again.

If you just continue to take a shot in the dark and get free readings from any psychics out there, you’re not going to be happy with the outcome. In fact, you might even run into a good psychic out of that mix you’re choosing blindly, yet you won’t realize it because you didn’t prepare for the reading and don’t know what to look for.


Most people that get a free reading from a psychic they like and plan to get another reading do continue with the same psychic. Remember the mention about how there are different types of readings? Some are done over the phone, some are done through email and of course there are the ones done in person. The most popular option these days is to get a psychic reading over the phone for free or a chat reading.